Terms of Service + Privacy

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

As well as illegal or harmful content, the following are not permitted and will result in an immediate permanent ban:

  • Deliberately tampering with or defacing the account of another user
  • Deliberately tampering with or disrupting the earne.link servers or any earne.link service
  • Disrupting other servers
  • Impersonation of someone else, a website, or a business
  • Storing/ distributing pornography of any kind (especially child pornography)
  • Storing/ distributing content that defames any individual
  • Doxing
  • Promoting racial, ethnic, religious, political, and other forms of bigotry, including transphobia, homophobia, ableism, etc.
  • Mining cryptocurrencies or storing CI artifacts/ backups
  • Outgoing net- or portscanning

If you see anything that violates the terms of service or the Code of Conduct, please use the report feature (if it exists in the service), let an admin know, and/ or email ~earnestma/earne.link-admins@lists.sr.ht.

Violation of these terms or the Code of Conduct will lead to a permanent ban; your access will be revoked and account/ services deleted.

Resource usage

Please be reasonable and don’t run anything that would disrupt other users.

Privacy Policy

The email you use to sign up and your recovery email will be stored, as well as recent IP addresses when you sign in. Information will not be shared or sold to a third-party.

You may contact the admin team at any time should you have questions or want an export of your data.